Our goal is to design products that have integrity because people instinctively know when something is crafted honestly for them. As such, our philosophy is to create the most honest design we can. Our design work is informed by these three ideas:

Whether in materials, in form or in function, authenticity is one of the most highly appreciated aspect of any product. We arrive at authenticity through thoroughly understanding both the target customer and the function/usage of the product. We choose the optimum shape, the best usability and the best materials so that the gestalt has more meaning to people.

Simplicity is misleading. Simple products seem easy to create but is actually the result of very thorough and disciplined thinking. Every detail is perfected and every usage scenario obsessed over. Choosing simplicity isn’t the easy option. When done correctly, simple products have an inherent added value because it is a strong differentiator.

Core Truth
We search for integrity and the truth behind the vision of your company and find ways to express that in the products we design. The core truth resonates with people because it tells the whole story in a compelling manner.

Our job doesn’t end with a great design. Great design tells a great story. Consumers have moved beyond merely buying products based on arbitrary decisions. People today are more interested in why you made the product in the first place and what it means to them. This is where design communication bridges the gap between your vision and the customer. We craft powerful design stories that can mean the difference between action or indifference. Sharing your vision creates a positive reaction. And that action can lead to an enduring relationship between your brand and your customer. 

The point where curiosity, imagination and science meet lies the limitless possibilities of design.

And behind every design is a story — the story of people’s needs and desires. 

The goal of good design is to exceed those needs and desires in a way that people haven’t imagined before.



Your Industrial Design and Research Partner With Global Experience
To successfully realise an innovative product, you need an experienced industrial design partner that can bring fresh ideas and innovations to the discussion. That’s where we come in. Established in 1995 Phenomena Design Research is an industrial design and research studio based in Barcelona and Tokyo. Our main areas of expertise are consumer research, industrial design and design communications. Our customers range from consumer electronics giants to specialist manufacturers that serve a global audience.

As diverse as our customers are, their needs are similar — to understand people’s needs and desires better so innovation can flourish. We conduct extensive research into behaviours to find insights and solutions that are the seed of innovation at a global level. We deliver good design based on the insights gained resulting in groundbreaking products that exceeds customer’s needs and deepest desires.

That the product looks and feels great is just icing on the cake.